Jenna: We’ve asked the audience this question a lot, and why people like it and what is it that appeals to you? And actually, we’ve had so many responses that are all… so different. From: because it gives me hope, because it got me a fiance, because it’s adventure and I’d like to think that I can go on that journey too. Maybe that is one of the things that is so special about Doctor Who, it’s this thing of having these infinite possibilities. Each individual can find something for them in it.

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ASOIAF Meme: Favourite Scenes [1/6]

↳ “As m’Lady commands.”
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I cherish the memory of a question my grandson asked me the other day, when he said: ‘Grandpa, were you a hero in the war?’ Grandpa said, “No. But I served in a company of heroes.”

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this will never not be funny.


i can’t actually breathe

It looks pissed

get out

HAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA omgg I can’t stop laughing

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I’m sorry

I’m so sorry

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Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi share a hug before the start of the Doctor Who World Tour in Cardiff

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I’m thirty minutes into Frozen and I’m just like…


I’m going to finish it out, give it a chance but so far it’s not looking so good.

I finished watching Frozen.

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